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Collaborative Process

What is the process?

  1. Initiate engagement and planning surrounding outdoor recreation and trails in Eastern Arizona

  2. Conduct the first series of planning meetings - intergovernmental representatives, core team, and working group.

  3. Develop regional mapping area and sub-areas

  4. Design and conduct Public Workshops to gather input from all trail user interests and identify potential trail projects. 

  5. Prioritize input gathered from the public on potential projects including: trails, trail maintenance, signage and more.

  6. Develop an agreed-upon Tier 1 list of short-term, high priority projects for implementation across jurisdictions with Working Group, public, municipalities and federal land manager input.

  7. Agency and land owner review and decision on projects from Tier 1 list.

  8. Begin implementation.

  9. Engage volunteers, begin work on next set of priority projects and ongoing collaboration

Roles and Responsibilities

Core Team:

  • Works with the facilitation team to develop strategies for engaging partners and the public in obtaining trail project information 

  • Identifies potential shared-funding opportunities

  • Works with all entities to bring public awareness to the effort

Working Group:

  • Provides constructive input into the planning and project implementation processes. 

    • This is done through meeting participation, assistance in developing recommended trail project lists, input into the project prioritization effort and potential on-the-ground work during implementation. 

Geographic Sub-Groups:

  • Provide input into the evaluation of new project ideas, planning and project implementation of priorities specific to smaller geographies - current sub-groups include: 

    • Lakeside area

    • Alpine/Springerville area

Interested Public:

  • The process is open and broad public engagement is highly encouraged. Public workshops will be convened by the working group at key points in the process.


  • Southwest Decision Resources, a third-party independent facilitation team, is providing the process design and facilitation support to the collaborative planning effort.

  • Strive for a balanced and inclusive process that gets to outcomes

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