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Eastern Arizona Trails Collaborative

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Why is collaborative trails planning important?

This effort supports a cross-jurisdictional, all hands-all lands, approach to planning for diverse trail opportunities.  It recognizes the need for a collaboratively built, comprehensive regional look at trails planning in eastern Arizona. Successful collaborative planning comes from input and recommendations from all trail user groups, and relevant decision-makers.

What is the Eastern Arizona Trails Collaborative?

Overall Goal - to collaboratively identify, prioritize and implement trail-related projects through the development of a multi-jurisdictional master trails plan.

Purpose of the collaborative group – design and guide overall process, engage constituents, seek consensus on trail priorities, and ensure effective implementation.

Who is involved - representatives of federal and local governments, agencies, motorized and non-motorized recreation interests, and other trail-related stakeholders. Anyone interested in trails in the Eastern Arizona area can participate - sign up below!

For a list of current partners click here

Roles of all partners 

  • Represent and communicate (two-way) with their respective constituencies/interest areas, including outreach to ensure participation at public workshops

  • Participate in good faith


Phase 1: Assessment

  • What are the current needs, challenges and opportunities for trail recreation in the area? 

  • What are different trail users looking for in trail characteristics and overall recreation experiences?

  • Where do opportunities exist on the landscape?

Phase 2: Project identification and prioritization

  • Mapping of potential project ideas

  • Evaluation of projects by partners and the public

  • Prioritize projects using established criteria

  • Develop tiers/lists of projects that are ready for short, mid and long-term implementation


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Phase 3: Implementation

  • Working with land management agencies, local governments and project partners begin implementation of top-tier priority projects

  • Establish funding mechanisms for current and future trail projects

  • Continue evaluation of project lists, needs and potential challenges; adjust as necessary

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Geographic Scope

The Eastern Arizona Trails Collaborative encompasses Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Tribal lands. This effort spans from Heber-Overgaard and Forest Lakes in the northwest to the New Mexico border east of Eagar and south to Duncan. The map (right) is a general outline of the planning area.

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